safety in the home, tiddlyompompom style

Having survived the trauma of last week’s incident, I have been ultra vigilant when stepping into the kitchen.

Little did I know that I also need to turn up my careful dial in the bathroom.

Last night, having done my teeth before bed like a good girl, I replaced our electric toothbrush on its charger. The whole thing sits on top of the shaving light above the sink. Always has done. Always has done without any cause for concern or worry.

Last night, however, as I let go of the toothbrush, having safely (or so I thought) put it back, the whole shebang decided to launch itself off its perch. I managed to catch the charger AND the toothbrush (I was on the school netball and rounders teams, and have obviously still got it). Turns out the toothbrush, without toothbrush head attached, is unbelievably sharp. I discovered this as it embedded itself in my palm.

Oh. My. God. It. Hurt.

I was very brave РI tried to stem the bleeding (it was literally trickling) while my boyfriend went to get some antiseptic and plasters. I thought I should have an antiseptic wipe so I could apply pressure to the wound which would also stop the teeny tiny amount of  bleeding.

My man however, decided I should use the spray.

Being a wounded grown up sucks.

Seriously, it may not look much, but it really hurts. Also, because of where it is, plasters do not stay on very well. This means I have to wrap tape around my hand in order to keep the dressing in place, thereby making it look a whole lot worse. Someone should invent palm plasters…

I am turning into a one woman disaster zone. I could make a fortune in health and safety around the home: how not to do it videos.

As a result of my traumatic couple of days I have drawn the following conclusions:

  1. I should not be left unsupervised at ANY time
  2. Things come in threes, so am in a constant state of alert. At least as far as my baby brain will allow.
  3. Our house is getting me back for selling it.
  4. The safest place for me to be is either the sofa or bed.

So, if you need me, you know where I’ll be. Possibly under a blanket.

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