baby doll

My sister was born when I was 22 months old. I don’t remember her being born, but I do remember the fact that I had my own baby around the same time.

My parents sister bought me a Tiny Tears doll. I loved her, and while my mum cared for her new baby, I cared for mine. Every time my sister had a bath, my baby had a bath. Each time my mum put my sister in the sling, I put my baby in her sling. It was a genius way of a) keeping me occupied while my mum was busy looking after the new baby and b) preventing me from feeling pushed out by my little sister.

My boyfriend and I thought that maybe we would try something similar when our daughter becomes a big sister in a few weeks time. We were in town the other day and had a look in some toy shops for a suitable doll that the baby could bring for its big sister*. At that point we had no idea what flavour baby we were getting. I wanted to get a baby doll dressed in neutral colours so that our daughter could decide whether it was a boy or a girl. Could we find such a thing? Could we f*%$.

Dolls come in either pink or blue, and accessories for them are clearly girls or boys. Why? Also, you can’t just buy a blue doll and say it’s a girl because dolls are now fully equipped with genitalia. That never happened in my day.

Since getting in a grump in the shops due to the lack of non-stereotyped choice, I have looked online. It appears that all baby dolls are either pink or blue. Some are also just plain terrifying (look into their faces next time you are in a toy shop. I defy you not to have nightmares). Now we know we are having a girl I don’t mind it being a girl doll, I just don’t want it to be dripping in pink.

So, help me dear t’interweb. Where can I get a non-scary, non-stereotyped doll suitable for a new baby to bring her big sister?

Did your new sibling bring you anything? Did your younger children bring the older ones a present when they were born?

*Just so you know, the baby would be bringing her big brother the same thing if she had one.

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