tv dinners

When I was little I used to want to be a tv presenter. Sometimes I wanted to read the news, so I would sit behind the piano stool and read made up stories to my family.  Other times I would want to be Delia Smith, so I would practise as I ate my tea.

I was especially good at mixing strawberry jam into my rice pudding and making it go pink.

Obviously all that early training didn’t necessarily pay off,  but when I do cook I like to organise all my ingredients before hand so they are chopped, weighed and ready to go as soon as I need them. Just like they do on tv.

Why, what beautifully chopped peppers and onions! I can almost hear you cry…

If only I had tried harder with the rice pudding and jam (maybe gone for ice cream instead?) I could well have been a TV chef. Although I have a feeling I would be more like the Swedish Chef than Delia.

Oh well. I shan’t give up the day job.

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