day zero: month one

So, a month ago I signed up for day zero, and basically wrote myself a mahoosive to-do list for the next 2.75 years. One of my to-do’s (number 69 to be precise) was to blog regularly about my progress, so here we go. One month in and what have I done?

In the last month I have finished work for maternity leave, moved house and pretty much got the new house unpacked and liveable in, so there hasn’t been a whole lot of time left to do much on my list.


27: Take more photos

I have been taking part in you capture for a while now, and have recently discovered the gallery. Between the two of them they are making me take more pictures. This is a good thing.

29. Get wormery up and running properly

Earlier this year, we had to abandon the wormery that we set up last summer due to the fact that the worms had died. I have no idea why, we did everything according to the instructions, and apparently they are very hard to kill off. But hey, we managed it (my family should probably be worried…) Anyhoo, the only thing I can think of is that the wormery was situated in an unsuitable place with not enough sunshine/heat and the extreme winter did for the wriggly blighters. I resolved to try again harder in the new house, and the wormery duly moved with us.

However, when we got to the new house we discovered a fully functioning compost heap, and now have no need for the wormery. Without even trying I have completed one of my to-do’s. I love it when that happens.

32: See more of my niece

I can’t cross this one off yet, but she did come up to play last week, so it’s a good start.

63: See my man playing in a gig whenever I can

He had a gig last week. A friend baby sat (see also no 21) and I went along to be a groupie be the proud girlfriend. It will probably be some time before I can see him play again, so it was a good job he was good 😉

69: Blog about how much or how little of this list I have completed once a month

Umm, hello?

72: Drink at least one of the bottles of bubbly we got when the Little Lady was born

This is what came out of the alcohol cupboard in the old house…

All of the bottles of bubbly were given to us when we had our daughter, just over two years ago. Well, I know I am pregnant and I honestly do not drink when I am, but we had to have a little sip to celebrate moving into our new family home. See the two little bottles on the right? We had one each. Nice.

98: Comment on blogs more

I am trying to…

99: Be better at replying to people who comment on my blog

I have recently installed disqus on my blog, which has made replying a bazillion times easier. I am trying to reply to everyone, but apologies if it takes a while. I will get there eventually.

101: Tell my kids and my man I love them every single day

Ok, I cheated a little. I already do this 🙂

Whenever I write a to-do list I always put one thing on it that I have already done. It’s how I trick motivate myself to do the rest – if there is something already crossed off then it spurs me on.

In summary then, despite everything else that I have had to do, I think I have made a pretty good start to my day zero challenge.

See you back here in a month to see what else I have ticked off. Or you can monitor my progress here.

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