no way man

Before we begin, let me just tell you I am in no way a raving man hater. I quite like men, actually. I even live with one.

But really…

Exhibit A: The Sample Pot.

This is unused, people. Do. Not. Panic.

Now, really, would a woman have designed a pot to collect a urine sample that was so bloomin’ difficult to get the said urine in? Especially when you have to take a sample to EVERY antenatal appointment you ever have to go to, and your ever growing tummy makes it even more tricky.

Clue: I am almost entirely sure she wouldn’t. I tried googling who designed the sample pot, but I mostly got tips on how to pass a drugs test so I can’t be 100% certain.

Exhibit B: Braxton Hicks Contractions

According to the online medical dictionary I found, Braxton Hicks contractions are:

Rhythmic uterine muscle activity which occurs during the course of a pregnancy which causes no pain for the patient.

Apparently they were first identified in 1872 by John Braxton Hicks (hence the name).

Also? He was a man.

As far as I am aware, in 1872, much like now, men did not have uteruses (is that a word? it is now…) and therefore could not possibly tell whether it hurts or not.

Well, Mr Doctor Braxton Hicks , I have news for you. Braxton Hicks contractions may not always be painful but they can be really really uncomfortable. And they do actually hurt sometimes.

Just so you know.


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8 thoughts on “no way man

  1. You have reminded me how difficult that whole weeing into a pot thing is! We all think it, we all struggle yet there they are…unchanged. I used to wee into a jug (sterilised by boiling) and then pour it into the pot, but I shouldn't have had to really! As for Braxton Hicks…ouch! Men know nothing about what it feels like to be pregnant. Sympathy to you from a woman who does! xxx

  2. I am with Christine – it is a nightmare peeing into a tiny pot at the best of times – when you are preggers it becomes impossible- and yet you have to do it more! I also used to use a jug and was still challenged! Sometimes though you had to give a sample at the hospital – yuk

  3. Those sample pots are horrendous…. particularly since whenever I had to give a sample towards the end of my recent pregnancy my bladder shut down and I could only generate the equivalent of five drops of pee. Try catching that in that silly, small sample pot.

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