forty weeks

40 weeks.

That is something I didn’t expect to see. All pregnancy I have had 39 weeks in my head as that’s when daughter number one wooshed into the world. I am trying very hard to be positive, but given that I have had regular pains for the last two days with No Sign Of Action, it is very hard not to be in a mahoosive grump. Especially when the babycentre helpfully sent me my weekly email this morning:


Welcome to parenthood! In these first days, your new baby won’t do much except feed every two or three hours and sleep off and on around the clock. You may be feeling a little shell-shocked. That’s not surprising, your body has been through a lot – and it’s your cue to take these next few days as easy as you can. Your most important priority right now is to tend to your post-labour aches and pains, establish breastfeeding and spend time getting to know and love your baby. Concentrate on those basics and when your baby drifts off to sleep, try to take a rest yourself – the laundry can wait.

Thank you so very much. Now where did I put the chocolate cake?

So, what are the pros and cons of still being pregnant?


  • I am the size of a small warship
  • I am getting grumpier by the day
  • I don’t get to cuddle my baby yet


  • I am still getting sleep at night
  • I can do things like go for a manicure (just booked one for this afternoon)
  • I can spend time with my man
  • I can take a shower that lasts for twenty minutes if I want to
  • The baby is where she needs to be
  • People have suggested that she is very relaxed and may therefore be a chilled baby (ie good sleeper). Pfffff.
  • I have time to watch films/knit/nap
  • I got to vote

So there it is, in black and white. The pros outweigh the cons.

Doesn’t stop the chocolate cake being in danger though.

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