A couple of weeks back, I was sent a freedom Babe breast feeding cover to try out.

On their website they describe the cover as follows:

The purpose of the freedom Babe Breastfeeding Cover is to provide stylish support and discretion whilst breastfeeding in public places. Freedom Babe recognises that some mothers and their babies may require a little support in order to gain confidence, feel comfortable and relax whilst feeding in public places.

The freedom BabeTM 100% cotton breastfeeding cover creates a convenient, discreet and calm environment in which your baby can be breastfed when you are out and about.

Breastfeeding Cover

When I had Big M, I was happy to breastfeed whenever and where ever we were when she needed feeding. At least I was once we both worked out what we were doing. I was, however, often aware of the discomfort of others when I was feeding her, and as a result we stuck to feeding friendly places such as Starbucks and Pizza Express. I also had time to concentrate on Big M while she fed, and was able to minimise any flashing of norks whilst still drinking my coffee and eating my cake. I am a woman and I can multi task.

However, this time around, I have a toddler to contend with whilst feeding Little M, drinking my coffee and eating my cake. Yes I can multi task, but that is one step too far, even for me. Particularly as Little M fusses for a while before actually getting on and feeding, and Big M cannot sit still for two seconds.

Last weekend we went for a picnic. Little M was ten days old and it was our first family adventure in the car. Obviously, the second I sat down to have my food, Little M decided it was her lunch time too. We were in a picnic area with lots of people around, and it was our first “public” feeding. Fortunately I had remembered to pack the freedom Babe in the change bag despite my baby brain.

The instructions say: Just pull the breastfeeding cover out of your bag and easily slip it over your head with one hand, whilst never letting go of your baby in your other.

It really is that easy. I put the apron over my head and there we had it. Somewhere for Little M to feed without me flashing my norks at the poor unsuspecting picninkers in the Wyre Forest. I was able to keep eye contact with her, and the apron also kept her out of the sun while we fed. Bonus. And another thing? I was able to use my free hand to wipe Big M’s face and hands after a particularly messy chocolate button, all without worrying about exposing myself. Happy days.

I strongly believe  that breastfeeding mothers should not have to hide away, and will continue to feed in public because it is an entirely natural thing to do. However, having the freedom Babe safely tucked into my change bag ready to whip out one handed at a moment’s notice  means I can feed Little M without making myself or others feel uncomfortable. And that is a mahoosive confidence boost.

There are currently five designs to choose from and you can buy yourself one here.


Just to let you know, other than a freedom Babe Breastfeeding Cover, I  have not received anything from the company for this post and I have been totally honest about my experiences with the product.

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