july challenge: how was it for you?

At the beginning of the month I set myself the challenge of completing a full sized knitted garment. Being someone who is full of good intentions but lacking in sticking power (hence the whole Personal Challenge thing), I have had three projects in progress for over a year. I know, I know. I am a Bad Person.

So, during the hottest summer for years, I decided to knit myself a nice warm cardigan. Good thinking me.

Anyhoo, at the beginning of the month it looked like this:

Mr TOPP went away for a week at the beginning of the month. It was for work and he couldn’t get out of it, so I couldn’t really stop him. The girls and I went to stay with my mum for moral (and actual) support.

By the time I came home again, my mum had taught me how to pick up stitches for the button band, and my cardigan was done.

I can’t believe I didn’t finish it before – I literally had no more than 30 rows to do. Tsk. Still, it’s done now and I am really rather proud of it. I may even get on and finish one of the other two WIPs that have been gathering dust on hold for a while.


And now it’s your turn. How did you do in your personal challenge for July? Did you manage it? Use the linky tool below to let us know.

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