i remember when…

The theme for this week’s gallery was A Memory. I have found this one the most challenging yet – every single photo holds a memory, and whittling it down to just one has been unbelievably hard.

In the end, the one I have chosen isn’t the best photo ever (it was taken on my phone), but it brings back a vivid memory.

I was heavily pregnant with Big M. I had a fabulous pregnancy and loved almost every minute of it. I was able to indulge in the whole being pregnant thing: bubble baths in the evening, curling up on the sofa, sleeping when I fancied it. Lenny particularly liked snuggling up to the bump. I think he and Big M bonded before she was even born. She responded to his purring by kicking him in the head. He kind of liked it and always came back for more.

I remember the mixture of feelings:

sadness that my pregnancy, and therefore the secret world I shared with Big M, was coming to an end

excitement that we would soon be a family and meet our baby girl

fear about the whole Giving Birth thing

apprehension about how we I would cope

unconditional love for the baby growing inside me

I remember how life was Before Children. It was a good life, but it’s a bazillion times better now.

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