personal challenge: august

After the awesome success that was July, I am loving this Personal Challenge thing. Setting myself a target focusses my mind and makes me get on and do things that need doing. Otherwise I would mostly be sitting around eating biscuits. Ahem. So now it’s time to set a new challenge for August.

The other week, I had a conversation with Amy on twitter about pilates. She had got all five of her kids to bed and was doing exercise (!). And then a few days later she was on an exercise bike. Seriously, she’s amazing. Anyhoo, I started thinking. If Amy can find time to do exercise when she has five children, I really have no excuse when I only have two. I can’t even pull the “yes but I have a new baby” line as Amy’s youngest is a day older than Little M.

Mr TOPP and I had a conversation the other day about how we want our children to be active as they grow up. That will only come from us, so we decided that we will try to do at least one physical/sporting activity with them a week.Mr TOPP has started taking Big M swimming regularly (Little M and I will be joining them once Little M has had all her injections). Big M does yoga at nursery and loves it, so I am on the look out for a kids yoga dvd that we can do together at home (any suggestions gratefully received). And me? I will be dusting off my pilates dvd and aim to do it at least once a week during the month.

No, really. I will.


If you took part in last month’s challenge, don’t forget to tell us how you got on here.

Want to join in? You are very welcome. Just set yourself a goal for the next month – your very own Personal Challenge for August.

At the beginning of the month, decide what it is that you want to achieve over the next thirty days. It could be anything: losing a couple of pounds, getting the weeding done, making something, learning a new skill. Whatever you like. Putting my management hat on for a second: make sure it is something you can actually achieve in a month. Be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-based).

Write a post about what you want to achieve and why. Link back to this post so others can join in too – you can use the badge if you like (the code is over on the right there). Don’t forget to put the link to your post on the linky list at the bottom of this post (it’s open for two weeks). Use the opportunity to seek advice from/help out/support fellow bloggers. Then spend the next month attempting to achieve your goal. At the end of the month I’ll be back to let you know how I have got on with my personal challenge and there will be another linky for you to share your success. So come back and tell us how you got on and we can all give you a pat on the back.



Go! Go! Go!

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