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Today has been a busy day. This morning we did house stuff (unsuccessfully shopping for curtains), and then this afternoon we took Big M swimming. Then we got home, it was time for tea/bath/bed. Little M took two hours and five (yes count them – FIVE) attempts to put down to bed. By the time I got to pick up my camera ready to take my picture for this week’s gallery it was half past eight.

And getting dark.

Umm, isn’t it still supposed to be summer?

Anyhoo, I was all I have no idea what to take for my gallery picture when I looked out of the window. I announced to a slightly bemused Mr TOPP that I was going into the garden and off I went.

The reason Tara asked us all to take a picture today is because today is the day that Josie, Eva and Sian are heading off to Bangladesh. They’re there to see the workΒ Save the Children are doing in some of the most poverty stricken parts of the world.

As I write, they are up there, in the sky somewhere *waves*

You can help Save the Children, umm, save the children by signing the petition here.

See Β the 29th August in pictures over at sticky fingers.

The Gallery: Every Wednesday

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