day zero: month six

This month I have mostly been propping my eyes open with matchsticks and drinking coffee. I am fully expecting this round up to be a bit of a disaster really…

2. Use our slow cooker at least once a month

We are having precisely one meal cooked in the slow cooker per month. Usually about the 29th.

3. Get better at doing the ironing on a regular basis

Earlier this month we got ourselves a shiny new washer-drier. As every good housewife *ahem* knows, if you fold clothes as soon as they come out of the tumble drier you don’t need to iron them. Score!

Unfortunately, if you time it wrong, you still need the iron. Dagnammit.

4. Keep on top of the laundry

See 3. I have a new washer drier. The novelty has not yet worn off.

37. Use the library on a regular basis

I have to admit, I am rubbish at using the library. Where we live we are in easy walking distance of two, possibly three so there really is no excuse. Big M became a member of the library when she was a week old but has never taken any books out. Last week I took both girls to a pre-school story time at the local library. We had fun, sang some songs and chose some books to bring home. Little M is also a member now, and we will be going back regularly.

45. Knit a winter hat/gloves/scarf for the kids before it gets so cold their hands turn blue

We have the coats (it was a mission and involved a whiny toddler saying “I want a pink one” every 16 seconds*), so now all I have to do is get the wool. Oh, and knit the hats and gloves…

88. Have at least one family day per weekend

Do you know what? I am going to cross this one off. Our weekends are so action packed it’s not true. We regularly manage to fit in relaxation, DIY and family adventures and have fun along the way. Go team!


So, turns out it was actually quite a productive month. Who knew? Just imagine what I could achieve if I got some sleep…

*She got a brown one on the proviso that I knit her a pink hat. She may only be two and a half, but she’s a tough negotiator.

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