night owl or early bird

I have heard it said that the time of day that you are born can affect how you behave/perform at certain times of day. For example, if you were born at night then you would be more productive at that time. I’m not sure how scientific the theory is, but I am beginning to think there might be some truth in it.

I was born in the morning (9.30 I think) and I do work best in the mornings although that could be down to my morning caffeine hit.

When I was pregnant with Big M, I had to get up for work at 6.30am. My alarm, therefore, was set for 6.21 to allow for the nine minute snooze obviously. And do you know what time Big M was born? Yup, 6.21am.

During the last two months of my pregnancy with Little M I was regularly woken atΒ 5am by a wriggling baby, and would be unable to get back to sleep. Guess what time Little M and I have been getting up for the last couple of weeks? Yup, you guessed it again, 5am. *yawn*

Both my children appear to be morning people. That’s fine with me, as long as they wait until the sun is up…

Clearly, despite my obvious talent for Science, this is not exactly conclusive evidence. So, I ask you: What time of day were you born? Is this the time you are most productive?

And if you need me I’ll be up at five. Put the kettle on eh?

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