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So, Strictly Come Dancing eh? I love it. I can’t dance for toffee (except of course when I am drunk, when the shapes I throw are full of the awesome), but I love watching. I am also not a girly girl, but I secretly love all the beautiful sparkly dresses. Shhh, don’t tell anyone. Strictly allows me to indulge my love of sequins without actually having to wear any.

I’m  no Arlene (I still miss her), but now we’re three weeks in I thought I’d share my first impressions of this years line up…

Ann Widdecombe

God bless her. She quite clearly can’t dance, but appears to be having the best time ever. I don’t agree with her politics, but I feel strangely protective towards her. I hope she gets to stay in a while…

Felicity Kendal

She could be good, but so far she seems too nervous.

Gavin Henson

Look good (if you like that kind of thing) but is too self conscious to let himself go. If he gets over himself he could be really really good.


Yes yes, I know he’s left already, but that makes me sad. Partly because he is a local lad, but mostly because I think he could have actually done quite well. Not a winner, but he could have lasted a few weeks. Now we’ll never know.

Jimi Mistry

He’s good, but honestly? He annoys me whenever I see him. Too much of a cheeseboy for my liking. But that’s just me. He’ll probably go on and win it now and I’ll get egg on my face. Ho hum.

Kara Tointon

OMG, can she dance or what? If she doesn’t make it to the final week then I don’t know what I’ll do. Possibly eat my hat. Or more likely, cake.

Matt Baker

As above, only with he instead of she. His gymnastics background clearly gives him an advantage – he’s not self conscious like many of the other men, and is clearly comfortable using his body to express himself.

Michelle Williams

Yes, she’s an international superstar, and everyone thought she’s be awesome. But honestly? She’s good but she’s not that good. I don’t think she’ll last that long, mostly because she’s not got the love of the British people behind her like some of the other celebrities (remember Martina Hingis last year?).

Pamela Stephenson

When I saw the first show, I honestly thought Pamela would be someone who would last a couple of weeks before leaving. WRONG!! She can dance and then some. She is amazing. That is all.

Patsy Kensit

Could be good, but nerves could ruin everything.

Paul Daniels

In his own words -you’ll like it, not a lot. Bless him. He’s trying but he has no rhythm. I reckon he’ll go before Anne…

Peter Shilton

When I was 9 and watching Mexico ’86 this man was my hero (along with Gary Linekar). Watching him dance is ruining that a teeny tiny bit. Bless him, you’ve got to love him for trying, but honestly, it’s a bit like watching your dad dance at a family wedding.

Scott Maslen

He’s good isn’t he? I don’t think he’ll win, but he should go far.

Tina O’Brien

She could be good too. If chicken pox doesn’t keep her out that is. Again, I don’t think she’s the winner, but she should last a few weeks.


So there you have it. That is my take on this years line up. Like I said I know literally nothing about dance, so we should probably all expect Ann to win…

And if you need me on a Saturday evening, I’ll be on the sofa.

Altogether now: da da da da da da daaaaaa, da da da da da…

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