tiddlyompompom’s oh so helpful guide to potty training

Big M is pretty much potty trained. I say pretty much, because we haven’t taken the plunge and gone nappy-less at night yet. She’s ready, but we’re not. It’s just a case of putting a stair gate at the top of the stairs though, so we should really get on and do it. Following on from my highly informative guides to new borns and toddlers, I felt it was time to share my wisdom on (daytime) potty training.

* Stickers are excellent rewards for full potties

* Current exchange rate: 1 regular sticker for a wee, 2 regular or 1 shiny sticker for a poo (rates are subject to change on a whim of supervising parent)

* A toddler who looks you in the eye whilst turning red and saying “me no do poo poo” is, in fact, not telling the truth.

* There will be a whole lot of extra washing

* Choosing the right time to potty train depending on family needs/commitments is a good idea

* Your toddler will scupper these plans by being ready before, or not being ready when you are

* It’s best to go with the toddler

* Disposable change mats are your sofa’s best friend

* There is a delay between getting number 1’s and number 2’s in the potty/toilet

* If you are weak stomached, you soon won’t be

* It will happen eventually, so keep calm and carry on

* Once you can trust your child to tell you when they need to go, it is liberating

* Even when they are potty trained, always ALWAYS take a spare pair of pants/trousers/socks out with you. Just. In. Case.

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