zingzillas the album: a review

A few weeks ago, Louise from RockBabyWorld asked twitter if there were any ZingZilla fans out there. Umm, hello. Big M is a huge fan – she swings/jumps/leaps on things like “ZingZillas doos it” and Panzee is her style guru.

So Louise sent me Big M a copy of the ZingZilla’s album to review.

Big M is a self-appointed Post Monitor in our house. When she picked up the post the other day there was a squeal of “ooh, a present mummy!”. When I opened it and showed her what was inside there were even louder squeals.

ZingZilla Sleeve Approved.jpg

Obviously it went straight into the cd player. Big M danced like a loon around the dining room, Little M giggled, I sang along.

As a trained music teacher I love the way the ZingZillas introduce kids to different instruments and styles of music. There are 26 tracks, including the theme tune and all the Big Zing songs*

Our current favourites are track 2: Welcome to the Island, track 12: Boogie Woogie Bubbly Time and track 15: I’ve Never Heard A Sound As Absurd. All the songs are great and there is a good mix of lively/slow songs.

So, hit or miss? In this house, it’s definitely a HIT.

ZingZillas: The Album is out today and available from all good record shops. And probably other shops too. RRP £9.99.

*Big Zing is a technical term for the song performed at the  end of the show. But of course, you already knew that…

This is a sponsored post.

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