cbeebies song time album: a review

When I was offered a copy of the cbeebies song time album to review how could I say no? I couldn’t. So I didn’t. Obviously.

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Our grumpy post lady popped the song time album through the letter box last week, just as we were about to go out. She didn’t look impressed as we squealed with excitement, but what does she know eh?  We took the cd with us and had a listen as we drove. Big M thought it was really funny, hearing the songs she normally hears from the tv, but in the car. How did that happen?

Big M really doesn’t watch that much tv, but she seems to know an awful lot of the songs. If I’m honest, we have skipped past the songs she doesn’t recognise, mostly at her request. I’m sure we will grow to love them too as she discovers other shows on cbeebies. Her current favourite is obviously the Zingzillas. However, we also get very excited when we hear the Charlie & Lola and Timmy Time songs.

I think this album will be one that we’ll be listening to for a long time as I fully expect to be watching cbeebies for at least the next gazillion five years. If I am honest, I am a teeny tiny bit disappointed that the theme tune for Everything’s Rosie isn’t on there, as I am forever singing that as I potter around the house. I would also have liked the cbeebies season songs on there, but hey. The song time album does have 50 cbeebies songs on it,s so really I’m just being picky.

As a friend, let me give you one piece of advice: do not listen to the album on your way to do the weekly shop. Otherwise you may find yourself walking around the supermarket singing Gigglebiz. Not that this happened to me you understand. Ahem.

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You can buy the album here (or elsewhere, it’s up to you…).

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