dear so and so

Dear Carl Cat

I know you are an extremely affectionate soul, and that recently you may not have been getting the cuddles and attention you need. For this I am truly sorry. I also know that you must be missing your brother. I’m sorry about that too.

But just so you know, rubbing your head on my arm as I pick up a boiling hot cup of coffee, or pawing the poorly baby asleep in the sling on my chest is not – I repeat- NOT going to get you any more cuddles. If you could just see your way to sitting down quietly next to me I will gladly stroke your head and rub your ears.


The Feeding Lady


Dear Hair,

I know we have not always seen eye to eye. You want to be curly when I would prefer you to be straight. Then just as I am coming round to your way of thinking you decide you would actually like to be straight. But despite all that, I really am rather attached to you.

The last three years have been tough on you – going all full and shiny one minute while I’m pregnant, then falling out when the baby has been born. But I promise you, that’s it at least for now. If you keep this up I will soon be bald, and really that would be cutting your nose off to spite your face. So to speak.

You have made your point.

Yours recedingly

etc etc


Dear Little M’s Left Ear

Thank you so much for the sleepless nights you have given us. You could at least have given us some warning that you were planning to play up. First we knew of it (apart from the two worst nights of crying for approximately 5.5 months) was when you perforated this morning. That’s just mean.

And just so you know, we are now armed with ear drops, so you had better start behaving again soon.

Love from

Nurse Tiddlyompompom

Dear So and So...

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