364 days done. 1 to go. 2010 is all but over.

It has been a big year in the tiddlyompompom household.

In January we were all getting ready for the arrival of our new baby.

February saw some extreme cooking and the start of a lifetime of lying to my children.

In March I was approaching the end of my pregnancy and getting increasingly grumpy. To take my mind off it I joined the gallery for the first time and went self hosted. As you do.

In April we left our first family home and moved into a new house that had a garden and EVERYTHING. I was 36 weeks pregnant. Looking back, we may have been a teeny tiny bit mad.

Little M was due on 6th May. After eight days of contractions she finally arrived a week late. I forgave her. Mostly because she is cute.

June was spent adjusting to our new family life and trying to sleep. Pfff. I also started the monthly Personal Challenge. You should come and join in you know.

In July we sadly lost our cat Lenny. I still miss him and his slightly special ways.

August saw me become an authority on the signs of madness. Seriously, the number of times people find this blog when searching for them must make me an expert. Or something. I also took the plunge and switched the camera to manual. Eep.

In September life was starting to settle down again. Until Little M decided to stop sleeping through the night. I also realised I am properly a grown up. Dagnammit.

I took part in Blogtoberfest during October AND I managed it. Despite the sleep deprivation. Go me! I even found time to reply to some of my new friends.

November was a bit quieter, but I still managed to start a new diet. Ahem.

And finally we get to December. I made my eleven year old self very happy, met Santa, and heard myself turning into my parents.

Thank you for reading my drivel blog during 2010. I hope you have a very happy and healthy 2011.

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