day zero: month ten

I know I say this every month, but really. The months are just whizzing by. Could somebody slow down time please? Ten months ago when I wrote my list I was heavily pregnant and about to move house. Now I have an (almost) mobile baby, a new house and a nearly three year old. Eeep.

Despite not making resolutions, I have declared 2011 the Year of Getting Me Back, and am really looking forward to ticking off some of my day zero challenges in the months to come as Little M becomes less dependent on me (sniff) and our lives settle in to the normality that will be the normality for the next few years.

But that’s in the future, what have I managed or not managed to do this month?

13. Do some form of exercise on a semi regular basis

I started the month with good intentions and did my pilates dvd a few times. I will try to keep this up, because I can really feel a difference already, but won’t be saying anything like “I will do my dvd on a Wednesday evening and Friday morning” because then I won’t. I know myself well.

15. Get a flat stomach

See 13. I still have a bit of a baby tummy, but there are still christmas treats in the cupboard people. It would be a shame to waste them.

26. Go on my photography course and learn how to take better photos

For my birthday last year Mr TOPP gave me a voucher for a photography course. I haven’t been able to even THINK about going on it until recently, but have finally booked it. I will be going in April and am ridiculously excited about it.

27. Take more photos

Although I have already crossed this one off, I am renewing my commitment to taking photos by joining in with project 365. I have also discovered instagram on my iphone (you can find me there as tiddlyompompom) and am loving it.

50. Find a hair cut that I can actually be bothered to recreate and that doesn’t take half an hour

Now I have got past that whole post pregnancy hair loss thing, I can actually get my hair cut without fear of going bald. I have also found a hairdresser who has the EXACT same hair as me (ie rebellious, can’t make up its mind if its curly or straight hair), so she knows what to do with it. AND she works at the end of our road. Awesome.

60. Decide which school we want the kids to go to

Big M isn’t three until next month, and won’t be starting school until 2012. However, we have to apply in the autumn, and once I go back to work (as a teacher) I won’t be able to visit the schools to make a choice. We are in the process of visiting all the local schools while I am still on maternity leave. I can’t believe my baby is so grown up!


Only one thing actually crossed off this month, but I am well on the way to crossing the others off too. Go me!

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