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I have been tagged in the stylish blogger meme by slummy single mummy, Carole and the Domestic Godd-esque. While I thank you very much you lovely ladies, I should probably point out that I am soooooooo not stylish. Really. Unless being covered in baby snot and mushed banana is going to catch on any time soon. In which case I am the epitome of style. Go me.

And so, down to business. I now have to share seven interesting things about myself that you don’t know about me.


*thinks really, really hard*

I am going to change the rules slightly, and just tell you seven things. Interesting is so overrated…

  1. My left thumb is significantly shorter than my right thumb. I put this down to the fact that I sucked it as a child.
  2. I have a Gilmore Girls addiction.
  3. I have lived in my house for nine months and I still don’t know my land line number.
  4. I have a facebook fan page… (had to sneak that one in, sorry)
  5. My all time favourite sandwich is peanut butter and pickled onion.
  6. Closely followed by garlic sausage, cucumber and salad cream.* I am now vegetarian so this is a distant memory *sigh*
  7. As a child I wanted to be a tv camera person. Or a news reader. Or a Blue Peter presenter. Or Delia Smith.

* I used to get through a LOT of chewing gum…

Are you still awake? I hope so, because I am now supposed to tag fifteen – 15?! – other bloggers. I turned to twitter for inspiration, so if you have popped up in my time line today, you ran the risk of being tagged. Apologies if you have been already…

and 1 more means 5

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