you are what you (wear to) eat. apparently.

Today the M’s and I went to a well known supermarket to purchase a few items that I had forgotten to put on our weekly internet shop dagnammit. We also wanted to pick up some bibs with sleeves for Little M because, turns out, this weaning lark is a very messy business.

We got all our groceries and then headed to the clothing section to look for the bibs. We found them quickly enough, and like everything else, they were divided into girls bibs and boys bibs. It was then that I had to bite my tongue for fear of teaching my children some very rude words.

The bibs contained phrases such as:

“100% trouble”

“Mummy’s little helper”


“Daddy’s Little Man”

Guess which were for a boy and which were for a girl?

Yup. For some reason we should be telling our children form the word go that boys get into trouble ALL the time and girls help out and are pretty.

We have just started 2011 haven’t we? Or have I somehow found myself back in the 1950s? If that’s the case I’m stuffed. As is Little M. I got her the bibs that said she was trouble. Because obviously.

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