february challenge: how was it for you?

This month I set myself the challenge of remembering to take my medication every day. I only have to take two tablets a day (unless I am bad, in which case I can take up to six) so I really should have no problem  remembering, right? Right.

Except I do. I have a baby and a toddler and my days are mad. No two days are the same, and therein lies my problem. A lack of routine means I quite frequently get to tea time and wonder if I have actually taken my tablets.

Back in the day I used to take six tablets every day. I didn’t have kids then, but I still had trouble remembering to take them. I bought myself one of those tablet boxes with the days of the week on them, and as if by magic I remembered to take my medication. When I was put on two tablets a day,  and I thought I’d be able to remember, I gave up using the pill box.

Egg on my face eh?

At the beginning of February I dug the box out of the cupboard and have got back in the swing of using it again. I have taken my tablets every single day this month. Whoop! And because I keep my pill box on top of the coffee jar I remember to take them in the morning. Whoop! That’s another item crossed off my day zero list then. And it comes with the added benefit of being good for my health.

Get. In.


And now it’s over to you. If you set yourself a challenge for February let us know how you got on using the linky below.

And if you want to join in with a challenge for March, come back tomorrow to sign up

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