gumigem teething necklace: a review

A few weeks ago I was sent a gumigem teething necklace to review.


The teething necklace is the brain child of Jenny McLaughlan. The necklaces are made from silicone and strung on a waxed cotton cord. They are BPA, lead and pthalate free and meet the same standard as other teething items. Gumigem teething necklaces are available in two designs in various colours.

I was really looking forward to receiving the necklace as I have long ago given up accessorising. In our old house my necklaces hung proudly in colour coded groups (I know, I’m sad) from hooks on the wall. Since we moved they have stayed in the box they travelled in, tucked safely away from little hands.

Gumigem sent me a purple heart on a black cord.

I took it out of the pretty pouch it came in and tried it on.  Little M took a while to notice it, but once she did it was soon in her mouth.

She loves it and picks it up for a good chew when ever she is on my lap.

apologies for the photo quality, it was taken on my phone

The cord has a breakaway clasp so if she pulls it too hard it doesn’t break your neck comes off. This also means I am happy for Big M to wear the necklace too, as she feels really grown up looking after her baby sister. Another really great feature is the fact that you can pop the chewy bit (not the cord, obviously) into the dishwasher for a proper clean.

If I’m honest, the necklace isn’t really my style (I’m more of a chunky bead kid of girl) but I realise that beads aren’t quite as safe for babies. I think I would prefer wearing it if it was a simple disc. Gumigem are looking to expand their range though, so maybe there will be a few more styles soon.

Gumigem teething necklaces are available retail at £10 and are available from here.

This is a sponsored post. I received a gumigem teething necklace free of charge for the purposes of this review.

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