life on the prom

It’s 6.50am, and the tiddlyompompom is roused from her sleep by the thunk thunk pitter patter of tiny feet climbing the stairs and the arrival in the bed of the biggest M. After some negotiation over covers/pillows/whether daddy should get in the shower yet, it is time for the tiddlyompompom to stagger downstairs to feed the littlest M.

Once this is done, the tiddlyompompom joins the rest of her family downstairs for breakfast. What she eats for breakfast changes according to the state of the cupboards, but the one thing you can be sure of is that the tiddlyompompom will make herself a mahoosive mug of coffee.

Having waved goodbye to Mr TOPP, the tiddlyompompom and the M’s retreat to the sofa for their daily intake of Peppa Pig. Once this is done, the tiddlyompompom attempts to make herself look at least half human with the help of a shower, clothes and makeup. More often than not she fails and ends up resembling Upsy Daisy, or on a bad day Worzel Gummidge, but hey, at least she tries.

The tiddlyompompom and the M’s are soon joined by their friends for a picnic.

Today’s special (as prepared by Big M) is dog food, spaghetti and ice cream.

Soon it is time for Little M to return to bed. In a rare moment of domesticity, the tiddlyompompom folds some clean washing. She then needs to sit down and cuddle Big M to recover.

Having only recently discovered the art of sleep, Little M is now making up for lost time. After lunch, she returns to her bed, allowing Big M and the tiddlyompompom to have some quiet time together. Today they indulge in some ipad time (Big M) and some knitting (tiddlyompompom). Once they have rested, the tiddlyompompom and Big M decide to do some cooking.

When Little M wakes up, the tiddlyompompom bundles everyone up for a trip to the park before the sun disappears.

The tiddlyompompom spends time teaching Big M the vital skill of swinging herself.

As the sun starts to set and the evening draws in, the tiddlyompompom and her M’s head back to the warmth of the house for tea. Tired after a busy day, the M’s are soon in bed, allowing the tiddlyompompom to retreat to her natural habitat: the sofa.

After a while faffing around on twitter, the tiddlyompompom staggers up the stairs and flops into bed. She is exhausted after a busy day herding M’s and sleeps well (children permitting) before it all begins again tomorrow.


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