tiddlyompompom’s oh so helpful guide to weaning

Little M is not fully weaned yet, but we are well on the way. Following my oh so helpful guides to newborns, toddlers and potty training, I had started to think I should share my wisdom on the whole weaning process. And then I saw the theme for notes from home’s Friday Carnival  was parenting tips. It was a sign.

You don’t have to thank me.

  • No matter what you are cooking, the resulting baby food will be orange.
  • Nothing stains like pureeed carrot.
  • You will slave for hours over a hot stove making a batch of organic goodness only for it to be unceremoniously spat out
  • The fluff on the floor/chocolate biscuit/chip in your hand will look way more appetising
  • Baby food (puree or solid) can travel really really far. Particularly when accompanied by a spoon.
  • When a baby doesn’t want to open their mouth, no amount of cajoling will get them to do it.
  • You will regret decorating the dining room.
  • Unless of course you haven’t decorated yet, in which case weaning will provide you with the perfect reason to start.
  • You will never cease to be amazed at how hair can contain so much food. Even when your child is bald.
  • If you don’t wipe up any spillages IMMEDIATELY then it will need to be chiselled off the table/high chair/wall
  • If you are breastfeeding you will feel liberated as the number of feeds you are required for decreases
  • You will also feel a teeny tiny bit sad at no longer being essential to your child
  • Whatever you give to your baby will be met with an initial look of disgust. This is in no way a reflection on your cooking, just your child working out what they are eating. Unless you are a really bad cook, in which case it probably is a reflection on your cooking.

The Friday Club

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