day zero: month 12

Month 12? Twelve?! That means I have been working on my day zero list for a whole year.

I have already achieved 22.5% of my targets which I think is absolutely blooming brilliant, even if I do say so myself *pats self on back*. The question is, though, what will my end of year total be? Let’s find out…

5. Grow some of our own vegetables

As yet, I haven’t set up our vegetable patch for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the fence around it needs replacing so there is no point *ahem* planting the veg, only for it to get trampled on when the fence gets fixed. And secondly, I have no idea what I am doing. Although that second point could be applied to much of my life, so I guess it doesn’t really count as a reason.


It was my birthday earlier in the month, and some friends gave me some rather lovely gardening gloves and some seeds.

Big M and I planted them (the seeds, not the gloves) the other day so hopefully in a few months we’ll have rocket, tomatoes and strawberries aplenty.

Some other friends gave me this…

which tells me what I need to do every month. Just what I need, and I am reading it avidly ready for when the fence is fixed…

13. Do some form of exercise on a semi regular basis

This one could well be my achilles heel. You see, I set out with the best of intentions, full of motivation to lose weight and tone up. And it lasts for about two days. I have intermittently done my pilates dvd when the mood takes me which, let’s face it, is not often enough.

The other day I downloaded the Nike Training Club app for my iphone. It’s fab (this is NOT a sponsored post by the way). I have done a couple of workouts (and they are workouts) and think I will be doing more. Can’t say when, but I will. Please note the semi regular basis…

15. Get a flat stomach

See above

38. Wean myself off the baby monitor, at least for Big M

We have two baby monitors, one for each M. Until recently Little M had one that we had bought when we were expecting Big M. In all honesty, I do not know how the monitor is still in one piece: it has been invaded by aliens (others may call it interference) from day one. If any of you are looking for a baby monitor I can tell you which one to avoid like the plague.

Anyhoo, last week we swapped Big M’s newer, less attractive to aliens monitor with Little M’s. The aliens still invade on a regular basis, so we leave the receiver upstairs by our bed. The logic being that Big M can actually get out of bed and/or shout unbelievably loud if she needs us.  I We still want need the receiver during the night as our bedroom is on a different floor so it’s good to know we’ll hear her if she needs us.

52. Wear my contact lenses more

I have worn glasses since I was eleven. I used to hate them, and desperately wanted contact lenses. My optician wouldn’t let me as my eyes were changing rapidly. When I was at uni I finally got some and loved the freedom of not seeing the world through a frame. However, I didn’t like the fact that my eyes got uncomfortable very quickly. Turns out my eyes are dry, and the lenses were no good for me.

Fast forward a few years and I try again. Lenses have moved on and there are new ones I can try. They’re better, and I sign up for a contact lens scheme. Brilliant.

Except even these new super dooper lenses hurt my eyes after just a few hours. Add to that the fact that every time I wear them people tell me I look tired (um, thanks?) I just don’t wear them.

I traditionally wear them more often in the summer so that I can wear sunglasses, but last year I treated myself to some prescription ones.

Today I cancelled my contact lens contract. I think it’s official: I am a glasses wearer and I am proud.

92. Weed the garden on a regular basis

Now the weather is getting nicer and Little M naps for a decent period of time I have been able to pop outside and “potter” in the garden pretty regularly. It’s looking better and I am finally getting to know my garden. I think we’re going to get on.

93. Go to bed before I fall asleep on the sofa

Since we have lived in this house (almost a year) I have fallen asleep on the sofa a grand total of once. I am so crossing this one off.


So, by my reckoning I have crossed another 2 items off my list taking me to a total of 24.5% achieved. Not bad. Until you realise I have only 1.75 years to complete the other 75.5%. Although in my defence, I have moved house and had a baby in the last year, which may have distracted me a little. I have no such major life changes planned for this next year so should be able to  concentrate a bit more.

Ooh look, a butterfly…

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