lost in translation

I don’t know about you but I often think that Big M is speaking a whole different language. I was fully prepared for this to be the case when she is a teenager and we start with the “huh?” or the “shutupmumwhatdoyouevenknow?” But Big M isn’t a teenager, she is three. THREE! I wasn’t prepared for that.

After months of study I am starting to get to grips with this new language. Following on from my oh so helpful guide to toddlers, I now bring you the Toddler/English-English/Toddler dictionary.

You are welcome.


Wait for me! – Let me go first
I need a tissue – I have snot all over my face
I’ve been a really good girl – Can I have a chocolate biscuit?
I just spilt a little bit of my drink – There’s a puddle of orange juice on the floor/sofa


Please don’t wipe your nose on my cardigan – Mummy would love you to wipe snot on her sleeve
Watch where you’re going – Look behind you
No, you can’t have a pink coat – You can have a coat as long as it is as pink as pink can be

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