day zero: month thirteen

Thirteen, unlucky for some. Hopefully not for me though….

5. Grow some of our own vegetables

Last weekend the tomatoes and peppers were transplanted to bigger pots. Big M helped, so we were only left with 5 of each.

16. Get a cleaner

I am now back at work *sob*. We all know that I am allergic to housework a domestic goddess. While I was on maternity leave I was able to just about keep on top of the housework. Now I am back at work full time and have work to do in the evenings I have even less inclination time to keep the house clean. I have managed to convince Mr TOPP that we need a cleaner in order to maximise the amount of time we have as a family at the weekend. Whoop! Unfortunately we have to wait until I get paid at the end of May but I have been making enquiries. Until then we may get trapped under the dust bunnies the M’s will have to earn their keep we’ll try to keep on top of it.

17. Keep the car clean inside and outside

During April our car got put through the car wash not once but twice. The first time was because we were going to a family gathering and our car is always the embarassing dirty one next to all the sparkly nice ones. The second time was two weeks later and was to entertain two VERY grumpy children. Turns out it is fantastic family entertainment, so will now probably become a regular feature.

We also hoovered the inside last week, but that was only because half of our garden had been taken to the tip so we had to ensure the car was spider/woodlouse free.

19. Go to the Olympics

We have applied for our tickets so we just have to wait and see.

26. Go on my photography course and learn how to take better photos

I did it! I went on my course, and am now officially out of auto. Mostly.

34. Teach the kids to swim

A couple of weeks ago we all went swimming for the first time in ages. Big M was very excited, mostly because it was the first opportunity she has had to wear her new Peppa Pig swimming costume. Turns out Little M isn’t so keen on the whole swimming thing. She spent the entire time clinging on to me for dear life (we were sitting still in the shallow end) and screaming at the top of her lungs for 19 out of the 20 minutes we were in the water. Not sure I’ll be crossing this one off any time soon.


So, one more ticked off. Good, but not great. Best pull my finger out in May then…

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