dear so and so: the neighbourly edition

Dear Next Door Neighbours Who Spent All Last Summer Burning Stuff,

If you continue to do construction at nap and/or bedtime I may have to partake in some burning of my own.

No really. I will.

tiddlyompompom (and a very tired/teething Little M)


Dear Next Door Neighbours on The Other Side,

I am so sorry we haven’t got around to fixing the fence yet. Please don’t hate us.

Yours grovellingly

me and Mr TOPP


Dear Cat From Two Doors Down,

Stop picking on my cat. You are a mean bully and I WILL get the hose pipe to you if you’re not careful. You have been warned.

Yours protectively



Dear You,

Go get things off your chest over at Kat’s

Dear So and So...

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