i will do it tomorrow

For as long as I can remember I have been a why-do-it-today-when-it-can-wait-until-tomorrow person. At school homework was always done on the bus in the morning the night before. At university essays were done the day before the deadline, and often involved staying up all night. I look back on this now as training for parenthood and pat myself on the back for my forethought.

I work best under pressure.

There are 13 tomorrows until this happens

This morning for the first time ever, both M’s are at nursery. I am home alone for five -FIVE! – whole hours. So you’d think I’d be preparing for 13 tomorrow’s time by doing something about this

But I am not.

I am enjoying the peace and quiet. I am drinking coffee and writing this. I am going to go outside with my camera and have a play. Because I can.

Work can wait until tomorrow.

See what others are up to tomorrow over at sticky fingers.

The Gallery: Every Wednesday

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