say cheese

For my birthday last year, Mr TOPP gave me a voucher for a photography course. I was thirty weeks pregnant at the time, so actually being able to do the course was a looooooooong way off. The course was added to my day zero list and I eagerly awaited the day I could be spared for long enough to go. In between times I bought myself a better camera and switched to manual with the help of cosmicgirlie.

On Sunday I had my first day off in 47 weeks and two days. Leaving Mr TOPP in charge of the M’s I swanned off for a day in the sunshine learning to use my camera properly.

Being able to take pictures without having to keep an eye on a toddler charging off in the other direction or making sure I have remembered to put the brakes on the buggy was a real luxury. I think I even learned a couple of things too.

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