big m: a self portrait

Last week one of my favourite bloggers Chris from Thinly Spread announced that she will be going with Save the Children to to Mozambique to support their latest campaign: No Child Born To Die. Around eight million children worldwide die every year from diseases that could so easily be prevented.

Eight. Million.

Next month there is a global vaccines summit taking place in London hosted by David Cameron. It would be a wonderful opportunity for him to get something right for once, and so many lives could be saved if they decide to provide the vaccines to the world’s poorest children. You can add your name to the petition here. Go do it now. I’ll wait…

All done?

Nice work.

To help spread the word Maggie of Red Ted Art fame has started a crafty meme. Kirsty and Chris tagged me last week.

So this morning, as I sat with my fully vaccinated children, I asked Big M to draw me a picture of herself. She did, and then she drew Little M next to her.

My children are lucky. They were born here, with access to clean water, food, shelter and health care. As much as it makes me (and them) cry, taking my children to have their vaccinations is something we take for granted. They don’t need to fear measles or polio or any of the other preventable diseases that kill eight million children each year.

And that makes me feel unbelievably lucky.

No child is born to die.


And now to tag some fellow bloggers:

mocha beanie mummy


and one more means 4… and one more

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hello it’s gemma

pants with names


The rules are simple:

1) Get your child to either draw or craft a self portrait of themselves now or in the future. Check out Maggie’s self portrait on some tips if you’re lacking inspiration.

2) Sign the Save the Children petition and get everyone you know to do so too

3) Write a blog post about it as soon as possible, including info about Save the Children and the petition. We want as many people linked up AND signed up the petition by Sunday 29th May 2011

5) Tag 8 fellow blogger friends

6) Link up your posts over at Red Ted Art or Sleep is For The Weak

If you want to take part, you don’t need to wait to be tagged: Go get drawing!

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