day zero: month fourteen

19. Go to the Olympics

We’re just waiting to hear if we got tickets. Fingers crossed.

20. Go to the Paralympics

I’m in the process of persuading school that we should take the kids. I think I am winning…

21. Use a baby sitter regularly so me and my man can go out on our own

In the last two months we have used a baby sitter twice and gone out drinking with friends. Now I am back at work we can afford to do it once a month or so, and I will be making sure we do. I quite like spending time with Mr TOPP. Who knew?

38. Wean myself off the baby monitor, at least for Big M

We totally have! For the last month we haven’t used the monitor for Big M. It happened by accident one night when we forgot to turn it on, which proved to me that we would all survive without it. It is still there for nights when she’s poorly, but other than that we rely on her powerful lungs to inform us if there’s a problem. Seems to be working fine so far…

40. Plan family meals in advance rather that ten minutes before the Hungry Bad Man strikes

Since I returned to work Mr TOPP and I have been uber-organised and planned our week’s meals in advance. This also helps us do the weekly shop, which saves us money in theory because we don’t waste so much food. It’s a win/win situation.

51. Dye my hair to disguise the grey :-(

I have an appointment for Thursday morning. The kids will be at nursery, I will have three guilt free hours at the hairdressers. I am looking forward to it very much.

63. See my man playing in a gig whenever I can

The other week Mr TOPP had his first gig in a year. We booked a baby sitter (see 21) and I went to cheer/sing along/drink wine. He has another gig on Thursday, so me and my newly dyed hair will be going to see him do his thang. I am such a groupie.

90. File lesson plans and resources immediately rather than leave in a pile for months waiting to be put away

This is my personal challenge for this month. I’ll let you know about that tomorrow…

91. Keep desk clear

See 90


So, one more crossed off the list. And there’s still my personal challenge to go. Come back tomorrow to find out if I can cross that one off too…

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