how does your garden grow?

In our old house we had no garden to speak of. Outside the back door was a small yard, big enough to hang some washing and keep the bins. Our garden was at the front of the house and had a path through it that we shared with next door. It was nice to look at, but it wasn’t really useable. Particularly once Big M came along.

When we moved last year, a garden was high on our list of priorities.

We (and by we I mean Mr TOPP) are in the process of digging up some “mature” Β bushes down one side so we can have more grass on which to play/paint/picnic. I am in the process of getting to know what we have in our garden and if it is likely to survive my unique method of hacking pruning. It’s survival of the fittest in our garden.

And – remarkably – some things are surviving. And they’re pretty too.

See more back yards over at sticky fingers.

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