day zero: month fifteen

Normally I get to the end of the month and my little heart sinks as I realise that I am a month closer to the end of my day zero challenge, and really not getting anywhere fast. June has been different though. I know for a FACT that I have kicked some serious day zero ass this month. Don’t believe me? Just read…

5. Grow some of our own vegetables

Our tomato plants have been transplanted to a grow bag.

I suddenly feel very grown up.

14. Be better at phoning friends for a chat

Way back when, before we had the M’s, I used to use my time travelling home from school to call my friends and family. It’s a forty minute drive and chatting with people I love makes it much more pleasant. When we had our car crash, with a car FULL of christmas presents, the only things that actually got destroyed (apart from the car *sniff*) was our secret santa gift, one walking boot and my bluetooth hands free. We replaced the secret santa present. I have yet to get new walking boots. I do, however,  have a brand spanking new hands free and have been making good use of it on my way home from school. It’s good to talk and all that…

16. Get a cleaner

I have a New Best Friend. She comes to my house for two and a half hours a week and makes it sparkle. I love her. That is all.

19. Go to the Olympics

We have got our tickets! We’re only going to the football in Coventry because it’s local, but it’s still the olympics, right? We just couldn’t face London with a four year old and a two year old…

39. Keep bedroom tidy

Because of number 16, we now have to tidy up once a week at least so she can work her magic. So far, so good.

51. Dye my hair to disguise the grey :-(

During half term, while the M’s were in nursery, I took myself off to the hairdressers for a couple of hours. When I came out I had no grey hairs. There may or may not be some red ones instead.

62. Listen to more music

I trained as a music teacher, but for the last 5 years I have been teaching maths. When I went back to work my timetable was split: half music, half maths. This makes me happy although I would be much happier if it was all music. One of the side effects of this change is that I am listening to more music. This makes me happy too.

94. Use my audible credits every month

Back in the days Before Children (B.C.) I always had a book on the go. At bedtime I would read at least a page before falling asleep. Since having children, however, I find I am just too tired to even think about opening a book at bedtime. I have been a member of audible for four years and have listened to some fabulous audio books in that time but again I have got out of the habit of downloading them onto my ipod. Since I got my iphone and discovered the audible app I have got right back in the swing of it and now always have a book (sometimes two) on the go. I tend to listen on the way home from school before I collect Mr TOPP and the M’s, and it helps me make the transition from “Miss” to “Mummy”.


I told you I kicked ass this month. That’s another five ticked off which means I have completed 37% of my list. Go me!

Except I have only got eighteen months to complete the other 63%.  Let’s hope my personal challenge was a success this month, eh?*

*I may teach maths but it has just taken me three attempts at counting up how many I have crossed off. This is probably not a good sign, and you should probably all be grateful I don’t teach your kids. *hangs head in shame*

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