day zero: month sixteen

Before we begin, I just want to say that July has been a crazy bonkers month. I have been eating/sleeping/breathing Bugsy Malone in preparation for our school concert. That hasn’t left much time for anything else. I wanted you to know that so you aren’t overly surprised that I haven’t done much of my day zero list this month. Forewarned is forearmed. Or something.

Let’s get this over with shall we?

34. Teach the kids to swim

We hadn’t been swimming for ages. Which, let’s face it, is not going to help the kids learn to swim. We went the other Sunday  and for the first time Little M was happy to be in the pool. She usually screams and screams and screams until we get out. This time she was happy to splash around with us, so we must must must build on this and go again soon. And by soon I mean in the next four weeks.

They’re never going to learn to swim are they?

53. Get some nice underwear that isn’t maternity or for breastfeeding

It was quite a depressing return to non-functional underwear, but I am actually wearing a proper bra for the first time in what feels like forever. Now I’m over the initial shock/depression, it feels good to be back in underwire.

66. Drink more water

I don’t drink enough water. Well I do, it just happens to be mixed with coffee. Because of all the singing I’ve been doing this month I have been knocking back the H2O like nobodies business. I even have a new water bottle to make it more fun.

Rock and indeed roll.

73. Get a new laptop (preferably a mac…)

My old craptop has been clinging on to life for the last few months. We always planned to replace it once I got back to work and started being paid again. To give it its dues, it plodded on and still does actually.

But then a friend was selling his macbook pro. Mr TOPP decided this was a good thing for us to buy and voilà, I have a shiny new to me mac. I love it. Probably more than is right.

79. Play my flute more than the current twice a year at school concerts

I didn’t play my flute in the concert, so I am failing miserably on this one. Maybe I’ll dust it off sometime in the holidays.


So there we have it. I have ticked the grand total of two off my list. This is not good people. Not good at all. Let’s just hope my personal challenge was a success shall we? Come back tomorrow to find out.

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