dear so and so: the aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrghhh edition

Dear Pupils,

I know the songs we have chosen for this years end of year concert have quite a lot of words. I also know that it is hard for you to fit all the words in. But please please PLEASE keep trying. You’re so nearly there.

Altogether now…

Miss Tiddlyompompom


Dear The M’s

I am so so sorry that you have both had perforated ear drums in the last two weeks. You are both troopers and the first we even knew about you being poorly was when we spotted your ears oozing. While I admire your pain threshold, I really think you should probably let us know that you have ear ache next time. That way daddy and I may actually be able to do something about it before we get to the popping eardrum stage.

Big calpolly cuddles

Mummy xxx


Dear You,

Go let off steam at Kat’s



Dear So and So...

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