dear so and so: the enough already edition

Dear Little M,

You managed perfectly well for a whole year without any teeth. Even when all your friends started getting theirs you weren’t bothered and just carried on flashing your (gorgeous) gummy smile to anyone you met. When you turned one you obviously felt the need to change that, and quite honestly I don’t blame you. Teeth do tend to help with eating crisps. While I admire your determination to make up for lost time, I really do have to say that eight teeth in just two months may be going a bit far. How about having a break for a week or two, just so we can catch up on some sleep, eh? Please?

Lots of love

Mummy x


Dear Carl Cat

I am not talking to you because of this.

Not. Even. Funny.


(no kisses)


Dear you,

Go let off steam at Kat’s.

Dear So and So...

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