dear so and so: the nostalgic edition

Dear Bed,

Remember when I could sleep in you uninterrupted for a whole night? No? Me neither.

I miss you.



Dear Norks,

Remember when you were actually there? *sigh* I really appreciate all your hard work over the last few years, but you seem to have taken it hard. I hope you recover one day.


love from me x


Dear CarlCat,

Remember when you were a cute itty bitty kitten? Then, it was fine for you to climb all over the laptop when we were working. It was also cute that you spent much of your time licking us. I read somewhere that this was probably a sign that you had been weaned too early. Given that you had been abandoned I felt honoured that you saw me as your mum.

The thing is, you’re not such an itty bitty cat anymore. Sitting on the laptop is now more bloodyannoying than cute. I still love you and everything, but really, now you are six you probably should start behaving like a grown up cat. You know, being all independent and all that.

Love (despite being clawed to bits)

tiddly x


Dear You,

Go link up at Kat’s

love tiddlyompompom

Dear So and So...

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