a splash of colour

Last Friday was World Photography Day (apparently) and to mark the event Tara asked us to take a photo over the weekend.

So, being the good girl that I am, I did what I was told.

Well, I nearly did. I took my camera out and everything.

Turns out I left the battery charging in the kitchen. Dagnammit.

On Monday, while I was going about my housewifely duties (pffff) when I saw these right next to the washing line.

I had been feeling a bit blue, but that little splash of colour cheered me up no end.

I know they weren’t taken at the weekend, but I’m hoping Tara will let me off. Besides, if it was next week, Monday would be counted as part of the weekend. Just saying.

See more, most of which probably stuck to the rules over at sticky fingers.

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23 thoughts on “a splash of colour

  1. Gosh those flowers are stunnng! Never seen that – was going to say breed buts not right!- variety before. Such vibrant images, really great x

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