day zero: month seventeen

This month marks the half way point of my day zero challenge. So, I guess I should technically be half way through my list, right? Um…no. As of last month I have completed 41 out of the 101 things I have to achieve. Actually, that’s not so ┬ábad, but it’s definitely not half. You can tell I teach maths *ahem*

5. Grow some of our own vegetables

Our tomatoes are coming along nicely, thank you very much. Although we haven’t been able to pick any yet. Is it normal for them all to still be green? We also have five pepper plants on our kitchen window sill, and they are starting to flower. After having my own farm on Harvest Moon (saddo) I know that once a plant flowers the fruit/vegetables aren’t far behind. Fingers crossed anyway.

13. Do some form of exercise on a semi regular basis

Exercise and I have never really got on. I lack motivation to get off my ass/sofa. Last week I was chatting to Kirsty on twitter about her running the Great North Run. She pointed me in the direction of the Get Running app, and on a whim I downloaded it. I’m only on my first week but I am loving it. I would love to run the race for life next summer and be able to run the whole way (see 97). Seems I am giving myself plenty of time to get fit…

In other bonkers running news, I may or may not have agreed to running a half marathon with my cousin. I may or may not have had a couple of glasses of fizzy pop, so I am pretty certain I got away with it. This time…

39. Keep bedroom tidy

Earlier this month BIg M and I built a dressing table. With a bit of rearranging Mr TOPP’s and my bedroom has more storage which means stuff gets put away.

Our bedroom is in the loft and is a really lovely space. Now we just have to work on the heating issue ready for winter…

47. Stop biting nails

This was my personal challenge this month, so you’l have to come back tomorrow to find out how I got on with this one.

97. Do the Race for Life and run the whole way

See number 13


Quite a good month considering we were away for half of it. I will give myself a big pat on the back and go put on my running shoes.

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