dear so and so: the something for everyone edition

Dear Big M,

The way you coped with your MMR booster vaccinations yesterday? Holy fricking moly. You are amazing. I mean, sticking your arm out to be stabbed? Twice? That’s bravery my girl. I am so very proud of you. And I TOTALLY loved spending the day with you after. Soft play + you + me = a WHOLE lot of fun.

You are an inspiration girlie.

All my love

Mummy xxx


Dear Carl Cat,

Please could you cut the pawing down from the regular ten minutes? Seriously? Thanks to your claws it looks as though I have been self harming, and I have only been home 36 hours. This has got to stop.

I’ll still feed you. Probably.

tiddlyompompom x


Dear Young People,

When I was your age I was taught to let people off the bus/train before I even attempted to get on myself. As far as I am aware, the rules haven’t changed. Stand back people.

Yours, sharpening elbows

Tiddlyompompom (Ms.)


Dear Little M,

I know you didn’t really believe it but you definitely walked ALL BY YOURSELF yesterday. While I whole heartedly agree that this is exciting/liberating/thrilling, please could you remember that you were Only Just Born. Fifteen short months ago. Good things come to those that wait. Just saying.

All my love

Mummy xxx


Dear Kat

Thank you for Dear So And So. It totally rocks, and so do you.

tiddly x

Dear So and So...

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