plum breakfast: a review

This is a sponsored post.

Everyone knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Even me. In the tiddlyompompom household we are creatures of habit. Mr TOPP has muesli, I have crunch, Big M loves her some cheerios and Little M is a weetabix girl through and through. When Plum asked me if we would like to try some of their new breakfast pouches I thought it might be an opportunity to mix things up a little bit.

We love plum foods, and always have some of their pots in the cupboard for emergencies. Not that we ever forget to do the shopping you understand. Ahem.

Anyhoo, the reason we love Plum food is because it’s tasty, looks like “real” food and the M’s demolish it. Oh, and it’s organic too so that makes it even better.

We were sent a pouch of Banana, Apricot and Oaty Porridge and a pouch of Prune, Peach and Baby Rice (which is gluten and dairy free). The pouches are suitable for babies just starting weaning upwards.

At 15 months, Little M is well past stage one weaning. She wasn’t up for giving up her daily 1.5 weetabix, but the pouches came in very handy as snacks when we were on holiday. Because of the packaging they are really easy to have in your change bag ready for when The HungryBadMan strikes. The Banana, Apricot and Oaty Porridge was the first one Little M tried. She couldn’t shovel spoon it in quick enough.

A couple of days later we were in a hurry to get off and out but Little M needed her snack. The first thing that came to hand was the Prune, Peach and Baby Rice pouch. I opened it and passed it to her. Before I knew it the pouch was empty and being handed back.

Because I am lactose intolerant we had to be really careful when introducing dairy to the M’s diets when they started big girl food. We struggled to find a dairy free breakfast option. Had Plum come up with the Prune, Peach and Baby Rice pouch back then it would have been a perfect breakfast option.

So, to sum up? Little M is still a weetabix girl at breakfast time, but the Plum pouches made a very convenient and healthy snack for when we were out and about. We give them a big thumbs up.

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