quotes of the week

In Doctor’s office about to have MMR booster

Big M: We’re going to the tumble jungle when I’ve had my bajection.

Nurse: Oooh, that’s nice. Now sit still for me.

Big M offers arm, doesn’t flinch then turns around and does exactly the same for the second one.

Me: WOW! You are SO brave!

Big M: Can we go now?


Mr TOPP: What does cat start with?

Big M: Curly C.

Mr TOPP: Well done. What does frog start with?

Big M: F.

Mr TOPP: You’re so clever! What does hoover start with?

Big M: Q.

Mr TOPP: Um, try saying Hoover.

Big M: Hoover.

Mr TOPP: So what does it start with?

Big M: cheeky grin Q.

Mr TOPP: *sigh*

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