september challenge: how was it for you?

September always seems to last forever. It feels like years since the summer holidays, but actually it’s only twenty five days. Twenty five very long days. It has been (in my opinion) the second best start to a school year ever (the one when I went back five weeks pregnant with Little M knowing I would only be doing two terms that year is my favourite ever).

The only thing that has put a shadow on the whole thing has been my Wonky Arm. At first it was diagnosed as carpal tunnel syndrome. I went back the doctors two weeks ago and asked for my entire arm to be chopped off. I was re-assessed and the diagnosis has been changed to trapped nerve. I have been referred for physio and have some seriously badass pain killers to keep me going.

So, why oh why did I decide that it was a good idea for my personal challenge to involve knitting this month? I have little to no feeling in my thumb and first two fingers of my right hand, and shooting pains up my arm. Sometimes I am unbelievably dumb.

Last weekend my arm was feeling considerably better. And/or I was drugged up to the eyeballs. Either way I decided to have a go, mostly because Little M has no hair, and it’s autumn. Casting on was a mahoosive challenge, but I did manage it eventually. I even managed to knit a few rows before I had to stop. I was able to do a few more rows the day after too.

Since then I have hurt too much to do any more. And it has been approximately a gazillion degrees centigrade out there (if the teaching doesn’t work out I could totally be a weather lady).

I know I have technically failed this month, but do you know what? I’m not going to class it as a failure because at least I tried. If it wasn’t for the Wonky Arm I would totally have done it. No, really I would.


And now it’s over to you. If you set yourself a challenge for September let us know how you got on using the linky below.

And if you want to join in with a challenge for October come back tomorrow to sign up.


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