brown noise

I love this time of year. The colours are amazing. Last autumn I was on maternity leave and was able to get out in the autumn sunshine and take approximately a gazillion photos.

This year, as I drive to work I can be heard wailing “where’s my camera?” or “would you LOOK at the light” and “stupid work stopping me doing fun stuff”.

Last weekend we went out scootering with friends. I used the opportunity to play with my new camera.

When I was a kid I remember there being a craze amongst the grown ups of having their “colours done”. It involved (as far as my 8 year old self could determine/heard before I switched off) analysing your skin, hair and eye colour and then deciding if you were a Winter, Spring, Summer, or Autumn person. You were then given certain colours that you should wear and others that you should avoid. Possibly on pain of death. I don’t know, I was 8.

Anyhoo, I never had my colours done (I repeat, I was eight) but I reckon I would probably be an Autumn. I have brown hair, hazel eyes and I wear a lot of brown.

I like autumn.


I am naturally drawn to brown.

Especially these…

Of course, there are some brown things I am NOT a fan of. You should all be very glad there is no photo here to illustrate that point. You are welcome.

Instead, have a joke…

What’s brown and sticky?

A stick.

That’s my best joke that is.


See more than a splash of colour over at sticky fingers.


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