day zero: month nineteen

If I am totally honest, I haven’t really thought about my day zero list this month. I know, I know. Slap my legs. I think the problem is that it’s getting harder to cross things off as a lot of the things that are left are Big Ones. Like go to France. Pfff. I think I may have crossed off a couple of things though. Let’s see shall we…

5. Grow some of our own vegetables

Our tomatoes finally ripened and we had GAZILLIONS! Whoop! Big M has been involved during the whole growing process: planting, watering, re-potting, picking. She loved it. Unfortunately her enthusiasm ran out at the eating stage. We have peppers growing on our window sill – they just need to ripen and I know for sure that Big M will eat them.

The vegetable patch has failed to materialise this year, but Mr TOPP finished fixing the fence last week, so we are good to go for next year. By which time Little M will be big enough to join in too. I think I may cross this one off even if tomatoes are technically fruit.

13. Do some form of exercise on a semi regular basis

I am nine weeks in to my Get Running app, which means I am about to finish it. Whoop! Thing is, I know myself well enough to know that I won’t get up and go running without it. So last week I got myself the Bridge to 10k app. I think this may make me officially mad.

15. Get a flat stomach

Since starting the running, my body has got back into a relatively decent shape. It’s amazing what a bit of exercise will do. Who knew?*ahem* For the first time in a long time I quite like it. My tummy isn’t exactly flat, but hey. I’ve had two babies. What more can I say.

17. Keep the car clean inside and outside

At the beginning of the month some eejit drove into the back of me on the way home. Nobody was hurt (I was stationary at a roundabout). Our car took a couple of weeks to fix, and during that time we had a courtesy car. It was a lot newer than ours, and much smarter. Until we’d had it for a couple of days. Big M commented on how it was like our car now because it was really messy. Dagnammit. We are unbelievably bad at taking all the crap out of the car at the end of our journey, and as a result it is full of paper/toys/cheerios/socks/crisp packets.

Just before we got our own car back Big M said “we should try to keep the car tidy shouldn’t we mummy?” at which point I hung my head in shame. We made a pact to take in everything when we get home so the car stays tidy. We have had the car back for two weeks. So far we are doing well.

45. Knit a winter hat/gloves/scarf for the kids before it gets so cold their hands turn blue

Little M’s hat is still on the needles. Mummy Fail.

47. Stop biting nails

Since I set this as my personal challenge in August I have not bitten them. I am so crossing this one off.

57. Get a new mattress

About a year ago my granny bought herself a new bed. Six months later she had to move out of her house, and her brand new bed was left behind. As we needed a new mattress we had it. It arrived last Monday and I have slept like a log ever since. Thank you granny.

60. Decide which school we want the kids to go to

We have to apply by December 2nd. Eeeep!

97. Do the Race for Life and run the whole way

I know this specifically says Race For Life, but I did a 5k a couple of weeks ago and KICKED ASS. I am crossing this one off.


Actually, turns out I have had an AWESOME month. That makes me feel a whole lot better. Maybe I will complete it after all.


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