day zero: month twenty

I cannot believe that it is now twenty whole months when I sat on my sofa, heavily pregnant, about to move house and wrote my day zero list. I can remember it vividly. Mostly because I should probably have been packing boxes ready for the move. My ability to work-avoid never ceases to amaze me.

Anyhoo, I don’t think I have been work-avoiding this month. Far from it in fact…

4. Keep on top of the laundry

We have two laundry baskets. You can usually put the lid on both of them. I am taking this as a win.

Although, I do have a habit of losing socks…

25. Decorate at least one room in the new house

We haven’t decorated anything this year. 2012 is SO going to involve paint and rollers. I can’t wait.

45. Knit a winter hat/gloves/scarf for the kids before it gets so cold their hands turn blue

Little M’s hat is finished. Go me! I have decided that I can’t do mittens for teeny people, so we bought some. I still need to sew on the elastic though.

46. Sew gloves onto elastic so all that effort doesn’t go to waste

See 45.

60. Decide which school we want the kids to go to

I can’t believe my baby is big enough for school.

64. Take my kids to a firework display

Mr TOPP was in America for bonfire night. I think this was a cunning plan on his part because he doesn’t really like fireworks. The M’s and I invited some friends over and we had sparklers in the garden.

Big M liked the idea of fireworks but when it came to it she wasn’t that keen. Maybe next year.

67. Make a reusable, non chocolate filled advent calendar that can become part of our family christmas tradition

This was my personal challenge for November, so you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to find out about this one.

82. Learn to pick up a dropped stitch

Earlier this month I taught year 9 to knit. Inevitably there were a few dropped stitches. Given I was the “expert” I had to sort it out when it all went pear shaped and I finally learned how to pick up a stitch. We all learned something that day.


Given that I am currently preparing for three (possibly four) concerts in the next two weeks I think that November has been really rather successful. And there’s still my personal challenge to go.

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