66 cities

I’ve never been any good at geography. I can’t even fold a map properly. I blame my the teacher I had at school. We didn’t get on, and I learned nothing other than how to write a 100 word essay on “Why I Should Not Waste My Time And That Of Other People”. I should try and dig some of them out, now I come to think of it, some of them were dead good.

Anyhoo, I digress.

My point is, that I am rubbish at geography. And so it was, at the age of 34, that I learned that there are 66 cities in the United Kingdom. Who knew?

Well, probably you. But you probably paid attention in your geography lessons.


And the reason I learned this? Well, Save the Children have asked me to become part of their digital activist team, helping them promote and raise awareness of their campaigns.

As we approach Christmas, and the cupboards are bulging with mince pies/crisps/chocolates, it’s hard to think that high food prices are actually putting the lives of 400,000 children around the world at risk. The crisis is particularly bad in East Africa where 750,000 people face starvation. That’s three quarters of the population of Birmingham, where I live, about to die through lack of food.

And, apparently, it was pretty much avoidable.

Which makes it even more shocking.

Save the Children and other charities have developed the Charter To End Extreme Hunger. In order to make that happen, governments need to agree to support it.

And that’s where I – and you – come in. We need to make David Cameron realise that he needs to sign up to the charter. You can sign the petition here. It takes no longer than a minute of your life. And in doing so you could help save many many lives. If you have more than a minute, you could also write to your MP.

No child is born to die.


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